• Baby no.2
  • Positions of a breastfeeding baby/toddler!

    I’ve made a list of things I would prefer Isobel not to do whilst feeding, here they are: Armpit She will (most of the time) put her hand in my armpit, not a nice feeling at the best of times but if you have hair, ticklish or haven’t cut their nails its even worse. I […]

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  • Last minute valentines gifts under £30

    It’s come to that time of the year again where I haven’t thought of valentines day let alone gifts. For all of you (like me) who have not yet got valentines gifts I have come up with a list of ideas under £30! 6 Valentines Gifts  Concrete Decorative Toy Man by Bells and Whistles Make Small £2.50, […]

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  • Stationery Shops I Love

    Too Much? I love stationery, probably more than I should. Anyone else the same? I can’t resist buying a lovely notebook, diary, cards, nice pens/pencils. Went to Sainsbury’s last week and couldn’t help getting 2 diaries (they were reduced) but I then think why do I need two extra diaries?! My current one I’m using […]

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  • Redecorating our master bedroom part 1

    Recently we have started thinking our bedroom need doing up, it’s a mess! We also wanted a bigger bed so that meant changing the room around therefore we need to get rid of our wardrobes, chest of drawers and a lot of my stuff I have bought (shopaholic). Our bedroom as it is now (please […]

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  • Friday favourites – Pippa’s clothes

    I’m slightly jealous of Pippa’s clothes sometimes wishing they would be in my size! So I have picked out a few of my favourites to show you. (Sorry, none of them are ironed, we rarely use an iron in our household)! Denim dress – Next. Nice weighty denim, seems short so she wouldn’t wear it […]

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  • Christmas Gifts 2016

    Thinking of Christmas creeping ever closer i have compiled a list of gifts that are lovely, practical, unnecessary, inspiring, decorative…stuff I would love. For the Home Wading Birds Lampshade £135 This lampshade is so pretty, wish I could do something even remotely similar. It’s from Lara Sparks Embroidery where you can find cushions and workshops […]

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  • Kitchen extension #1

    Sorry I’ve not written for a while I have been thinking about our kitchen A LOT! Maybe too much? We have started the journey of a kitchen extension (and maybe a first floor too)! So far we have: Looked at a lot of other kitchens for inspiration Had our architect over to measure up More looking […]

  • Baby no.2
  • Newday 2016

    We’ve come to the end of Newday 2016 and as I’m sitting here in the setting sun I’m thankful for joining in on all the fun. This week God has touched many of the young people and they now know of his everlasting love, what could be better than that?! There have been lows (my […]

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  • Camping with a toddler and baby.

    So, today is the day we leave for Newday, a Christian youth camp that takes place at Norfolk showground with around 7,000 students going. This will be the second time going camping with 2 but first time without cousins around to keep Pippa company. I have been a couple of times before (years ago) and […]

  • Baby no.2
  • Top weaning products

      Diving in to weaning fairly recently for the second time it was definitely harder for me to get started. So, I have thought about the best things I have used this time round and would like to share to those mummy’s about to begin this process. I went to BritMumsLive for the first time […]